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What Drives Us

Today we are celebrating the many patients of LuskinOIC! From Ana and Isabella to Arturo and Kosta. By supporting the 2022 Swing for Kids Golf Classic, you help ensure our ability to provide this amazing service as we grow that number year over year. Here are a couple patients who would like to share their experiences with you.

Arturo and Dr. Nicholas Bernthal

Arturo’s Story

Arturo was diagnosed with a cancerous bone mass in his knee when taken to LuskinOIC after playing his favorite game – soccer. Arturo was immediately seen by Dr. Nick Bernthal. Arturo went through chemotherapy and recently had a surgery where Dr. Bernthal used state-of-the-art laser equipment to remove the tumorous bone from Arturo’s knee. He was fitted with a bone replacement made with the same technology, which, like a puzzle piece, was exactly the right size for him. Thanks to LuskinOIC’s generous donors, such as the Charitable Children’s Guild, not only were Arturo’s uninsured medical costs covered, but also his transportation needs for chemo, surgery, and follow-up care.


Efrain’s Story

Efrain is a boy who was born with a limb deficiency, which has made his right leg half the length of his other leg. Efrain’s mom was referred to LuskinOIC. Dr. Scaduto examined Efrain and suggested a procedure where his foot would be rotated, in order for his heel to act like a knee joint. Before going through the procedure, Efrain met José Luis, an older patient of Dr. Scaduto who had the same deficiency and underwent the surgery. Efrain was comforted when hearing the successful results and bonded with José Luis. Successful surgery was completed in June, and now Efrain is waiting for physical therapy and to be fitted for a prosthesis at LuskinOIC.

Lee Lopez Patient Ambassador Scarlett Ferguson and Dr. Rachel Thompson

Scarlett’s Story

Scarlett was born with her twin brother via emergency C-section at 32 weeks. At 6 months old, Scarlett had a brain MRI which revealed Moderate Central Brain Atrophy. Scarlett was appointed to Dr. Rachel Thompson who not only treated her but also got to know her interests such as her dream of owning a bakery, her love for singing, and that her favorite princess is Aurora. Dr. Thompson did a bilateral reconstruction of the pelvis, hips, and knees. After a long and painful recovery, Scarlett states that “it was all worth it” and was grateful for Dr. Thompson and LuskinOIC.

Patient Ambassador Yvonne playing soccer

Yvonne’s Story

Yvonne was born with a congenital condition in her lower legs in which her bones below her knees did not grow. Yvonne’s mom was told that she would never be able to walk, until she found LuskinOIC and met Dr. Anthony Scaduto. “The first day I saw her, I knew she would walk if she received the right care and the right treatment,” says Dr. Scaduto. Yvonne went through a surgery where her legs were amputated above the knee so she could be fitted with prosthetics. Now Yvonne can walk, run and play for the rest of her life thanks to LuskinOIC.

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All the LuskinOIC patients have depended on the expert orthopaedic care provided at our institute. Their lives and their futures have been molded and changed, for good, because of LuskinOIC. By supporting the LuskinOIC Swing for Kids Golf Classic, hundreds of more children’s lives will be impacted thanks to your generosity.

Our Mission

The mission of Luskin Orthopaedic Institute for Children (OIC), is to provide care to children with musculoskeletal disorders and to advance care worldwide through medical education and scientific research.


Patient Care

• Quality, focused specialty care
• Access for all children
• High patient satisfaction and outcomes



• LuskinOIC/UCLA Resident Training
• Clinical Fellowships
• Partner with Ortho Medical Magnet High School



• Genetic Research
• Biomechanical Research
• Clinical Research
• Translational Research

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